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Facebook, Myspace and Twitter

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Author: Toller Bicks

Facebook and Twitter are not to be denied. I'm guessing if we were to present this same poll six months from now, we'd see both of those networks ranking even higher. Facebook has the largest number of registered users among college-focused networking sites, also according to Wikipedia. Facebook, on the other hand, continues to hire some of the brightest from the college ranks each year. While MySpace has made far more money than Facebook, thanks to a marriage of old media (FOX) and new media (web 2.0), they let the old minds spread a virus through MySpace. Facebook and MySpace are in a land grab to get the most users. But you can bet that if one of them nails the right payment system, they can start monetizing that big base of users much more easily. Facebook has advertising models MySpace wish it could reproduce. Maybe MySpace does serve up more ads because of the extra page views and extra ad space it garners. Facebook debate won't end anytime soon. I'm simply sharing my opnions, and I'd love to hear yours. Facebook has its share of crud, too, especially with all the applications asking to add themselves to your profile. The difference is that Facebook knew it was a good idea to enable serious users to separate themselves from the morons, and not suffer through twenty spam bulletins every second. Facebook's annual unique audience tallies at 19.5 million which is nothing to sneeze at as well, but still nothing in comparison to MySpace. Facebook says that it will only accept individuals to join the site that have valid college email addresses. Outsiders are blocked from the site and this offers more security but it is not completely safe. Facebook wanted to encourage the developer community to optimize for sustained engagement, not one-time use. By switching public metrics from all-time user counts to recent engagement, Facebook gave the developer community a kernel of valuable data which it could use as a proxy for success on the platform in a rapidly changing environment . Facebook's bimodal population pre-public launch shows that more professors/teachers are present than i thought (or maybe companies are more popular than i thought). Facebook on the other hand, is hecka fast in comparison. However, it's also easier to end up a total creeper on Facebook because of the quickness. Social networks are becoming an integrated part of society and as such have to come up with rules and regulations for these kinds of cases. How do you deal with teenagers (or any people) using your service to start a fight? Socialization should be built into everything. There offering will be integrated into XBOX 360, Windows Mobile, Zune (which already had a major socialization component built in) and all of the many many Windows Live services. Social networking sites should be encouraged to segregate different age groups but the burden should not be theirs alone. To further promote segregating age groups, children and adults should be punished for misrepresenting their age when registering on social networking sites.
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