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Author: Jimmy Gatu

Facebook is a rebranding machine. The ability to provide such advanced technologies in a simple manner is truly remarkable. Facebook isn't felt like the SNS for older people, but reather "the standard": the fact is that in italy FB is 2nd place in the ranking of most accessed sites, while MySpace just 25th! Facebook is a social networking site while Twitter is more of a micro-blogging site. I use both for separate reasons. Facebook is really quite controlling. I use it, but I'm not enamored of some of its more heavy-handed tactics. Facebook is a deliberate experiment in global manipulation, and Thiel is a bright young thing in the neoconservative pantheon, with a penchant for far-out techno-utopian fantasies. Not someone I want to help get any richer. Facebook isn't AOL, cause AOL was never a simple platform. But it was also a piss-poor environment for building & developing apps. Facebook is getting sued, so what? Google, Youtube, all the big players get sued. Facebook is a content management system (CMS), among other things, and should be evaluated by any responsible organization just like any other CMS, including interoperability and exit costs. Second, the more content you put into Facebook, especially if it's in a form that people can't get elsewhere, the more you're serving as Facebook bait yourself. Facebook is cleanly designed and has a classy, upmarket feel to it--a whiff of the Ivy League still clings. People tend to use their real names on Facebook. Facebook is the same thing. They'll never be able to fully monetized their claim of 250,000,000 registered users. Facebook is doing the exact same thing as the filesystems. He explained they won't serve deleted content the moment that it's deleted so, from a user perspective, it IS deleted. Facebook is not simply walled from search engines, it's walled between users. I might have great notes on my FB profile about cars that I like but no one can see it except for my friends. Facebook is now two times bigger the size of MySpace, and so TechCrunch reported based on the latest ComScore Metrics. If you're still not convince, the figures say in December Facebook was able to pull in 222 million visitors. Facebook is highly superior in content, database driven relationships, and useful third party apps that are kinda cool. Facebook is a fantastic platform for PERSONAL social connections, keeping up and communicating with close friends and family. Facebook is such goodness!!! MySpace is wonderful too. Facebook is becoming a political tool, with partisans pushing their candidates and pet issues on all their friends . Facebook is an ideal platform for limited asynchronous one-to-many communication when you want to communicate with a group but not with the whole world. For asynchronous one-to-many communication with the whole world, nothing beats a blog. Facebook is sitting on a gold mine of data that companies would pay a very high price for. Thankfully, if Scoble's vision comes true, the users will benefit from it as well. Facebook is a sandbox I'm playing in but it has a long way to go before it can hope to be the world I live in. Facebook is a social networking site that is enormously popular, but it can be a frustrating user experience. The design of Facebook leaves a lot to be desired and there are almost too many choices for things to do on Facebook. Facebook is closed to give us control over our identities and communities. AOL tried to "own" their language back then our relationship with them. Facebook is a business. It plans to generate huge revenue from advertising.
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