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Excessive sweating and Medications

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Author: Joan Bones

Excessive sweating is affiliated with the sympathetic nervous system. It's situated in the autonomous nervous system, which too includes the parasympathetic nervous system. Excessive sweating is a common problem amongst many people in America. They often suffer in silence because they believe what they have is normal or just a condition they have to live with. Excessive sweating is a problem facing thousands upon thousands of people. Excessive sweating is also more common in people who are overweight or out of shape. And it may be caused by hyperhidrosis, a condition in which people sweat heavily, but are otherwise healthy. Excessive sweating is one of the oldest known dermatologic conditions that even today is misconceived as rare and untreatable. The description and definition of excessive sweating date back to Hippocrates in the 4th century B.C. Excessive sweating is a growing problem in our society. The problem is not as much an health issue as it is a social and professional issue. Excessive sweating is also a known side effect of certain medications. Next, you need to determine if the excessive sweating is localized, that is in a specific area of your body, or generalized, or all over the body. Excessive sweating is typically genetic. There are several ways to treat it. Excessive sweating is not favorable because it causes a lot of mineral and water loss from the body. But these things are essential for our system, so the loss should be compensated. Excessive sweating is a scientifically diagnosed condition affecting at least three percents of individuals all over the world. People who suffer from this condition normally keep the condition to themselves in fear of being laughed at or misunderstood by others. Excessive sweating is mostly experienced by the obese because they may have too many fat cells underneath their skin that could be blocking in the body's normal cooling process. Obese individuals tend to get sweaty with their every move. Excessive sweating is also believed to be genetic (something your parents or grandparents may have passed down to you). Excessive sweating can take place on many areas of the body - the underarms, face or even the hands. Excessive sweating is a distressing aesthetic issue and can become a paralyzing disability. Patients with axillary hyperhidrosis can see their clothes fade and deteriorate. Excessive sweating is embarrassing not only because of the obvious wetting and staining of your clothing but also because it is commonly associated with an offensive odor. We offer a proven perspiration reduction method that reduces excessive sweating along with the odor that sweat produces. Medical treatment usually involves evaluation by a dermatologist who may prescribe lotions or powders to keep the palms and armpits dry. The surgical option is called video-assisted thoracic sympathectomy . Medical sciences current understanding of excessive sweating point to it being an issue within a portion of the nervous system. Medical advances are being made all the time by the conditions leading surgeons. Please let us know if there is anything further you would like added to this site. Medications such as anticholinergenics can aid in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, blocking the neural transmitters that control sweating in the body. However, these medications are associated with negative side effects, such as: bloating, dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation and other digestive side effects. Medicines that block the effect of the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands are sometimes used. These medicines are not used very often.
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