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Electric cars

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Author: John Kani

Electric cars are more expensive than traditional cars because of their unique batteries, and you often need to plan ahead of time before you go anywhere so that you have enough time to charge your battery. If you don't plan ahead, then your battery can die out and you can get stuck in the middle of nowhere! Electric cars are fun to have and drive, but you will not save money, nor will you really help the environment. Electric cars are the most suitable for achieving the goal because they can be commercialized almost immediately. Also, they are different from hybrid cars, which have been developed competitively by many advanced countries.

Electric cars are a much less developed technology. If every auto assembly line were retooled to build electric cars the price would come down dramatically. Electric cars are only as clean as the energy produced to charge them. If they run on energy produced by coal or oil, you may as well use petrol! Electric cars are the only option, whether we like it or not.

Electric cars are not green and never will be. They just perpetuate the fantasy that people can drive everywhere and still have a healthy environment. Electric cars are extremely efficient and run for pennies per mile, much cheaper than any other alternative fuel. Electric cars are ideal for commuting, shopping and the school run. Electric vans reduce both costs and emissions and demonstrate your green credentials.

Electric cars are well suited to city driving but cannot be used for long distances. Electric cars are therefore best used for urban transport or as a second car. Typically urban transport needs are less than 20 km a day with 50% of the trips less than five kilometres and 90% less than 9 km all of which is easily fulfilled with an electric car.

Batteries are the key to the electric car business. The trouble is, lithium ion batteries that are powerful enough to provide a reasonable range?say, 60 to 100 miles on a single charge?and long-lasting enough so that they can be charged and discharged year after year are frightfully expensive. Batteries, usually Nickel metal-hydride or Lithium-ion are charged by simply connecting the vehicle to a mains power supply, and is usually charged overnight for a full charge. A feature of most modern electric cars is the regenerative braking system which allows the battery to be topped up when the brakes are applied. Batteries are the missing piece to the electric car puzzle. Any car manufacturer could build electric cars if someone could supply them with cost effective batteries.

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