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Do you want to kick out the 9-5 job and work at home?

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Author: Marcus

Many people who are working at home make their money from affiliate marketing. One of the reasons affiliate marketing is so popular is because it can be done with zero financial outlay and, therefore, zero risk. Definitely a disadvantage of working at home! I have been working at home now for about 8 months now after I resigned from my corporate position in a health care company. I am totally happy now, this doesn't mean there are some cons and hard times trying to get used to it.

However, in some situations, working at home may be the only effective option for an employee with a disability. Most people working in this type of jobs have the pleasure of working at home at any flexible time while earning dollars. Most of the time, the writer is paid per project or by the hour. I usually advice my wife, even though I'm working at home, that does not mean she can call me to do some errands whenever she likes. She has to respect me.

Medical transcription is an at home business that offers huge benefits for those who decide to pursue it. If the restrictions of a nine to five job are not for you and if you are seeking a job that offers a change of pace, think about starting your own home based business. Your chances are dramatically increased that you will be offered a good job you can do from home anywhere you happen to be located.

It's just an awesome feeling when I wake up knowing I don't have to fight the crazy morning traffic trying to get to work, and then fighting it again trying to get home from work. I no longer have to work for somebody else, or listen to that one annoying person day in and day out. First, it reminds me of people that feel like they know a famous person (not that I am, bc I am not!) because they watch them on TV. Frankly, I have had about as much stalker behavior in my life as I can take. The kids are back in school and it feels like you should have a lot of extra time on your hands. Why aren't you able to accomplish all that needs to be done?

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