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Distant learning

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Author: Diana Roberts

Distant learning is successfully developing and improving alongside with the development of information technologies. Distant learning is providing adult education to those who are looking for ways to study and earn degrees without having to leave their present jobs and relocate to attend regular classrooms at universities. These distance education programs are highly popular among many adults who have difficulty to sacrifice their jobs and continue with their education. Adult education through distance learning allows people to gain knowledge at their own pace and convenience.

Distant learning is an interactive communication. Distant learning is not a new concept in nursing education. Distance education has increased access to education (Fryback, 1997) and a means by which countries around the world can upgrade knowledge and practice of nurses without dislocation and disruption (Lewis & Farrell, 2005). Distant learning is meant to replace attending night school at a fourth tier directional state university or small private college. What is the difference of learning accounting procedures while taking an on-line course versus sitting in an auditorium of 200 plus at night at a commuter school?

Distant learning is a key aspect of modern educational approaches. For the last four years we have been trying to implement such activities broadcasting and making available "ON DEMAND" many courses given by members of our teaching group and stuff members of the Dept. Distant learning is merely one option. My ex-students are also most welcome to join in. Distant learning is best provided with a two-way full motion interactive video and audio system. This means the instructors lecture is delivered to the distant site in real time, with no delays or distortions.

Distant learning is therefore often thought of as a good means to compensate for this in the provinces. The NETADDED project let by NGO Connected Schools in Cambodia consists of two validation sites located in Phnom Penh (the capital) essenially as source of education content and in AngTaSaom (Takeo province) located 70km South West of Phnom Penh where several educational establishments have been identified for their common need and motivation to share an Internet satellite connection. Distant learning is now legitimate and the world is changing at lightning speed. While attending a physical college is always best it means becoming a campus student again, impossible for working adults overwhelmed by responsibilities. Distant learning is the best way for busy people to replenish their knowledge. Free schedule, a reasonable price, no need to study in a pre-determined time - all this has made distant learning one of the most popular technologies of obtaining new knowledge in the West.

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