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Fat Loss '4' Idiots - (Idiot-Proof Diet)
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Author: John Kani


Dieting Makes You Fat proposes seven golden rules for losing weight, the most salient being to take lots of exercise and eat plenty of fresh, whole foods. He writes from experience, having jumped on the dieting wagon at a young age himself. Dieting is more popular in Europe than ever, although there are regional differences. On average, one in five Europeans tries to lose weight by following a diet at least once in every two years, according to "Diet, Cuisine and Cooking" a GfK study conducted for the Wall Street Journal Europe. Dieting alone does not build muscle and that is something you will do well to remember in your efforts.

Dieting isn't just about what you eat, it's about your entire life as a whole. Some of the energy that used to be caught up in frequent snacking is ready to be directed into other activities. Dieting, especially in the extreme, can be harmful to girls who are still developing. Restrictive diets deprive girls of the wide variety of nutrients their bodies need to grow properly. Dieting was once practically a national pastime. In 1990, the same report found that 39 percent of women and 29 percent of men were on a diet.

Dieting sets up a psychological state of childhood. Listen to women talking about how they were "good" all day until they were "bad" because they ate a "forbidden" food.


Healthy diet and adequate exercises are the sure and safe ways to lose weight. Healthy eating is about the big picture - an occasional splurge won't kill your efforts. And again, diets that are too restrictive are conducive to cheating - when you feel deprived, it's easy to fall off the wagon. Health authorities do set some baselines - these are 1200 calories per day for women, and 1800 calories per day for men. This doesn't really make too much sense - are you are sedentary person with little muscle mass?


Eat when you're hungry, but make sure you are eating something that satisfies your hunger. Sounds obvious, but snacking on rice cakes or crackers won't get you there. Eating too little to maintain a healthy weight (anorexia) or eating only to throw up the calories (bulimia) are both eating disorders, which are harmful to a person's health. Someone with an eating disorder needs medical treatment right away. Eating only two or three meals causes the body to face long stretches without food, and therefore store fat .


Exercise and reducing my snacks is what works for me and i envy those with the willpower who can crash diet. Exercises that can help raise the heart rate sufficiently include biking, aerobics, swimming, and jogging. Rowing machines (available at sporting good stores and at some gyms) also provide an excellent cardiovascular workout while at the same time toning the arms, legs, back, and abdomen. Exercise can also improve a girl's psychological well being. This is of great importance, given that this study also found that girls who were both severe dieters and had mental health problems had a greater than 25% chance of developing an eating disorder within a year.

Exercise is another way to live a healthy lifestyle and may reduce the pressure felt by dieting. In some cases however, eating disorders do develop as a result of compulsive exercising. Exercise can certainly help you lose weight, but if you take in more calories than you burn off, you will gain weight. There is just no getting around it.


Nutritionists agree that the rising tide of obesity won't be reversed without concerted action by governments and the food industry to promote the consumption of foods that are less energy intensive. Last month, the CDC estimated that between 1971 and 2000, the calorie intake of US men rose 7%, and that of women jumped 22% (ref. Nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and other health professionals are asking these questions with increasing frequency. And a small but growing number of them believe that the solution is simple: Stop dieting.

Adopting a new attitude about food is more important than trying to stick to some strict plan. Educate yourself on the basics of nutrition and fitness and you'll lose weight and get in shape and remain this way for life. Add up all of .


Obesity raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Being overweight increases blood pressure and cholesterol levels which can lead to heart disease. Obesity and over weight have plagued me and regular dieting and many diet plans have failed to provide effective long term weight loss. Have you ever wondered whether dieting to lose weight is the best way to approach an obesity problem?


Everyone wants to feel good about how they look. But being overweight affects more than what you see in the mirror. Everyone who's ever tried to lose weight has found it challenging. When you slip up, the best idea is to get right back on track and don't look back.

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