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Credit Cards

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Control your Credit cards (22 Aug 2009)
Credit cards are the rage now in this time and age. More and more young people turn to credit cards to make their purchases so that they can accumulate points to redeem for gifts of their choice. Credit cards are best used for large purchases, which online purchases usually do not count as. Credit cards are en vogue even if the results of using such fashionable payment methods are less then stylish. This isn't stopping the millions of consumers who use a credit card for purchases ranging from the mundane to the extravagant.

Credit cards (12 Aug 2009)
Credit cards have come a long way since the term 'credit card' was originally used in an 1887 sci-fi novel . Today people of all credit levels around the world use plastic on a daily basis. Credit card companies don't directly support this, but with some server-side software smarts, you can emulate it. The trick relies on the fact that there are two distinct phases to each credit card purchase. Credit card companies consider this because bankruptcy is one of the most serious financial problems that a person goes through. One or two late payments won't do much damage, but habitually late payments will.

Learn something about credit cards (05 Aug 2009)
Credit cards are abused so much that banks now offer secured credit cards to help prevent credit problems. With a secured credit card, also called a prepaid card, you "load" your card with a prepaid amount of money. Credit cards charge interest on any balance remaining on the card after the payment date on the statement. The interest rate can vary from one credit card to another, but if you clear the balance in full each month before or on the payment due date you will not get charged any interest. Credit cards are fun; but a best practises list could be handy.

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