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Credit cards

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Author: Janet

Credit cards have come a long way since the term 'credit card' was originally used in an 1887 sci-fi novel . Today people of all credit levels around the world use plastic on a daily basis. Credit card companies don't directly support this, but with some server-side software smarts, you can emulate it. The trick relies on the fact that there are two distinct phases to each credit card purchase. Credit card companies consider this because bankruptcy is one of the most serious financial problems that a person goes through. One or two late payments won't do much damage, but habitually late payments will.

Credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard receive revenue from every transaction, typically 2% to 4% depending on the payment method. So they are motivated to increase total volume of transactions, consequently pursue policies to increase number of transactions. Credit card lending is enormously profitable. But the credit card industry is saturated. Credit card processing is a cost worthy investment to your business, especially since so many consumers have looked to the Internet to do a majority of their shopping.

Credit card debt is one of the leading causes of people getting into financial difficulty causing them great stress and worry about how they are going to manage to make their payments. Once you do realize that the reason you are in such difficulty is your mismanagement of your credit cards, you don?t have to panic and rush into bankruptcy. Credit card debt and personal bankruptcies are now at an all time high. With no legal limit on the amount of interest or fees that can be charged, credit cards have become the most profitable sector of the American banking industry: more than $30 billion in profits last year alone. Credit cards may mean several things to many Americans. For a cardholder owing a bank thousands of dollars in unpaid bills, a card can be a prison sentence.

Credit cards give you protection for your purchases, allow you to shop online, and provide a cushion in case of emergencies. Credit card companies reaped $19 billion from late fees and other penalties on consumers last year, up 78 percent since 2003, according to R.K. Hammer, a financial consulting firm. Credit cards charge interest and are primarily used for short-term financing. Interest usually begins one month after a purchase is made and borrowing limits are pre-set according to the individual's credit rating.

Credit cards are double-edged swords, they cut both ways. If you find yourself being hurt by them, cut them up, repay your debts, and never use them again. Credit cards are fun; but a best practises list could be handy. Credit cards and debit cards have become the most common forms of payment. Accepting credit cards with the right merchant account is essential to business success.

Credit cards charge interest on any balance remaining on the card after the payment date on the statement. The interest rate can vary from one credit card to another, but if you clear the balance in full each month before or on the payment due date you will not get charged any interest.

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