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Computers and Technology

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Spywares (16 Aug 2009)
Spywares are created and spread to collect information about the internet browsing habits of the user of the infected computer. The record of the website visited by user is stored by the spyware and sent to the author of the spyware. Spywares not only just damage your PC, but can also steal sensitive information. One need an anti spyware for effective spyware removal. Spywares are type of malware, very dangerous for your financial or personal data.

Graphic design (15 Aug 2009)
Graphic design is about solving problems using a given medium - it is just that many people, incuding many of it's exponents, forget about this in favour of visual wizz bang. Good graphic designers with a head for the web are therefore pretty important in the process, commenting on things outside the scope of pure prettification. Graphic design is what most people think of when 'design' is mentioned. And while it is merely part of a whole in the web, it is an important part. Graphic Design is the profession used to solve communication problems visually. Logos, posters, package designs, websites, billboards, brochures, letterheads, advertisements, interpretive exhibitions and publications are examples of the types of communication needs Graphic Designers fulfill.

Graphic designers (15 Aug 2009)
Graphic designers work in the realm of visual presentation, organizing the layout of both print and computer media. Designers create works that combine functionality and visually appeal, requiring a strong education in media design and communication. Graphic design plays a crucial role in distinguishing your products from that of your competitor's. It is also essential for your consumers to identify with your company. Graphic Design can make your marketing and/or communication goals a reality. We specialize in newer, emerging, entrepreneurial small businesses and organizations.

Microsoft (13 Aug 2009)
Microsoft tests the hell out of Microsoft Office before shipping any software that interacts with it in any way. Microsoft says it is investigating a similar concept , using a subset of Windows to run browsers and so on before the whole OS loads. As more apps are browser-delivered, people may find they can get by without the full OS. Microsoft still makes mostly PC-compatible software, while Apple build things for their own hardware.

Windows (13 Aug 2009)
Windows 7 today runs great on the broadest array of hardware types ranging from netbooks to high-end gaming machines. We worked closely with OEMs so that their PCs delight customers with the new features in Windows 7. Windows dominates the personal computer world, running , by some estimates, on 90% of all personal computers. The remaining 10% are mostly Macintosh computers . Windows is famous as a graphical user interface and many computer users tend to forget (or never knew) that there are also very useful command line functions in Windows. In fact, there is a great deal more to Windows than just point and click.

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Internet Explorer (13 Aug 2009)
Internet Explorer is not as good as more modern browsers at obtaining characters from several fonts. For example, if you have Arial as your preferred font for Latin, IE sees that Arial also contains some Greek characters and then tries to use it for classical Greek, even though Arial does not contain the polytonic characters. Internet Explorer first began to support webpage scripting in version 3, two years before DOM Level 1 became a W3C standard in October 1998. Version 4 added more features, still before there was a standard. Internet Explorer will always load the CSS file, no matter with which mimetype it is served. Web pages are considered in strict standards mode when they start with a strict doctype.

Microsoft (13 Aug 2009)
Microsoft's bread and butter is the whole desktop concept. Microsoft isn't going to purposefully break websites. People wishing this would happen just sound crazy, and make us look crazy, and generally hurt the push for a standards based development. Microsoft claims that there have been some conflicts between IE 7 installations and some antivirus engines, so to err on the safe side, the software giant asks that you disable your antivirus protection until the installation is complete. Microsoft uses its own malicious-software removal tool during the installation of IE 7, and it is perhaps this tool that conflicts with some antivirus apps.

Blogging and bloggers (10 Aug 2009)
Blogging is a great way to build a career if you know what you want from your career. This doesn't necessarily mean that blogging itself is a great career. Blogging is much closer to the informal discussions you have in the hallway or via email than it is to peer-reviewed papers. We have to convince faculty members (and other people involved in science) that blogging is the new email. Blogging is just another part of the communications and marketing mix.

About web hosting (10 Aug 2009)
Companies are including more features in their plans and lowering the cost such as additional domain names in one account. Previously, you need to purchase one domain name per account, but recently more and more companies (in order to remain competitive) are making their web hosting account support unlimited domains. Companies dish out millions of dollars for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, and seek to create a robotic website that surfs the tides of the vast ocean of search results. You can do this without freaking out about the minutia of your website. Companies with a bad reputation are allocating significant portions of their web site to explain what quality web hosting is. This is an irony but you have to consider that this tactic is very effective in deceiving people.

Social networks (09 Aug 2009)
Social networks were first researched in the late 1940s. With the advent of the Internet, online communities and social networking websites, their significance has only increased. Social networks are an extremely popular destination right now. Two-thirds of active internet users have managed an online profile and 71.1% have visited a friend's social network page. Social networks challenge common perceptions of personal space versus public space (or work space versus home space). Users often find themselves having to create a single profile that will connect their friends, family, and colleagues.

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Is micro blogging dominating the web? (09 Aug 2009)
Twitter and Plurk are both easy and good places to start. Think about what you are willing to share about yourself and your business before you Micro-Blog. Twitter has been there for a while and is gaining momentum. People have started using it for marketing, job search, networking and much more. Twitter is probably the fastest growing site on the web today and is taking the internet by storm.There are around 10,000 new users joining Twitter every day. Twitter is best described as a micro blogging platform.

About Micro-blogging (09 Aug 2009)
Micro-blogging is a great way to keep people up to date on what you are doing or just share neat stuff you find without the weight of a full blown blog. Great for those quick mini-rants, announcements and questions you want to share with the world, or even a select few. Micro-blogging is another one of those advances. Crusty old-world style people that still believe in writing letters instead of using email are going to try their hardest to justify their actions, as archaic as they are, and try to retain every fraction of reality they can understand for as long as they can, and call "new things" that people like… "stupid", annoying, frustrating, rude, confusing, complicated and useless. Micro-blogging is only one kind of social media tool with the potential to support learning. Those that offer collaborative filesharing, mindmapping, writing, and editing capabilities can support more complex collaborative learning than Twitter.

What is micro-blogging? (09 Aug 2009)
Micro-blogging is another great service that always-on internet connections such as ADSL and 3g/HSDPA have enabled in the last couple of years. There are two questions here. Micro-blogging is a different way of communicating that complements email and Instant Messaging (IM). The core concept behind micro-blogging is short, frequent status messages that can be seen by people who want to know what you're up to. Micro-blogging information can provide an excellent marketing tool for your company. For example, if your company is having a sale on a certain product or service that may appeal to micro-bloggers, you can submit the details via the micro-blogging website to announce it.

Is Web design similar (in a very simplistic way) to traditional print publishing? (08 Aug 2009)
Web designers are constantly seeking visual inspiration. That's why many of us frequently change our desktop wallpapers. Web design companies offer a wide variety of options and styles. There are three general options when it comes to a business web design. Web design is similar (in a very simplistic way) to traditional print publishing. Every website is an information display container, just as a book is a container; and every web page is like the page in a book.

Web hosting (08 Aug 2009)
Hosting is a service whereby one computer configured as an Internet server offers a part of, or its whole resources, for use in exchange for a certain rental fee. Thanks to this service, one or more users can use information, services or content located on this server using another computer called client. Hosting is usually paid on a recurring (monthly) basis. Hosting is a word which is used in literature for welcoming and serving guests so if you consider this word in terms of the Internet then it makes it very easy to understand what web hosting is! The use of a web hosting service allows a webmaster to have their site online and gives them the tools they need to run the site.

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Search engines (08 Aug 2009)
Search engines are essentially massive databases that cover wide swaths of the Internet. Most consist of three parts: at least one program, called a spider, crawler, or bot, which "crawls" through the Internet gathering information; a database, which stores the gathered information; and a search tool, with which users search through the database by typing in keywords describing the information desired (usually at a Web site dedicated to the search engine). Search engines' back-and-forth interaction style is clumsier on mobile devices. Conversely, mobile provides added value for services that know their users and understand sufficient context to give them exactly what they need, when they need it — perhaps without their having to ask. Search engines are programs that are designed to search for information on the World Wide Web (WWW). Included in this list of information would be web pages, information, images, directories, audio and video files, and other types of files.

What are Search engines? (08 Aug 2009)
Search engines are great for exploring yet lead potential customers through a maze of options or to your competition. An easy-to-remember domain name is the most effective way to lead visitors to your website . Search engines are better at finding relevant content than the destination sites themselves. For example, if you were searching for a specific story on CNN or a specific topic on Wikipedia, would you go to that site and enter the search term on their internal search engine? Search engines are built with an objective to report to the searcher, those websites, which appear to be having more relevance with the information sought by the searcher. Hence, a search engine facilitates searching of relevant information on the web.

Search engines at a glance. (08 Aug 2009)
Internet search engines are a place online where you can go to find out what else is online. When you need to know something or want to look something up, the best way to do it online is by going to an Internet search engine. Internet search engines are giant databases of words, compiled and maintained around the clock by small computer programs called spiders , bots , or robots . These programs seek out and randomly crawl web pages, indexing their contents as they go.

Good website designs (08 Aug 2009)
Web users form first impressions of web pages in as little as 50 milliseconds (1/20th of a second), according to Canadian researchers. In the blink of an eye, web surfers make nearly instantaneous judgments of a web site's "visual appeal.".Through the "halo effect" first impressions can color subsequent judgments of perceived credibility, usability, and ultimately influence our purchasing decisions. Web 2.0 features and internet marketing complete the package. Web development is broken down into two areas: front-end development and back-end development. Front-end developers are a mix of a designer and a back-end developer.

Website design (08 Aug 2009)
Website design is not just about having a website for the sake of having a website. It's an extension of your business. Website design is like any other professional service — you get what you pay for. If you try and "do it yourself" (e.g., doing it for "free"), your results may very well reflect your abilities. Website design is important for several reasons. Your website is the first thing that creates an impression to your potential customers online.

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