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Computers and Technology

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Yahoo (20 Aug 2009)
Yahoo is a lot more than search. I've always really liked their Finance and Sports pages. Yahoo is opening a research center with a bunch of software engineers who used to work at Motorola. Why is no one else talking about this? Yahoo is just as guilty of the issue of tying people to certain technology. This was especially silly when NARAS gave all of the Grammy voters access to nominated songs through Yahoo Music.

Is google on top? (20 Aug 2009)
Google is run by three computer scientists, and Google is an innovator in technology in our space. We're in the advertising business. Google is "librarying" complete copies, but is not selling them or displaying them in competition with the book copyright holder. Google's complete copies are (probably) commercial, but that's not dispositive as to the fair use inquiry for this first step. Google is widely respected (because they are a very healthy company, with healthy practices and relatively open). But they don't have an open development method, so they won't gain traction among our minds.

Google (20 Aug 2009)
Google should invest more on improving Android's interface and on making it easier to develop great looking apps. One of the reasons why Windows Mobile isn't very popular is that Microsoft couldn't develop a compelling interface that encouraged people to use the product. Google Chrome OS will run on both x86 as well as ARM chips and we are working with multiple OEMs to bring a number of netbooks to market next year. The software architecture is simple Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel. GoogleScout is now just labeled as "Similar pages" and find other pages similar in linkage patterns to the displayed hit. Formerly, hits from the same site would be listed indented under the first.

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. (20 Aug 2009)
Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. You can create free alerts for any number of keywords and receive an email whenever Google finds a new keyword match. Google Alerts are basically a way to get an email every time Google indexes pages that would result from a particular search query. You can have the alerts sent to you once per day, once per week, or as they are indexed. Google alerts are sent to you via email and contain links to anything that came out on the web with those keywords. So for instance, if your keyword phrase is "marketing to women", then every day you'll get links to anything that pertains to that phrase.

Google Alerts (20 Aug 2009)
Google Alerts can be utilized to keep ourselves updated about particular topics by specifying related keywords and the alerts will be sent right into your mailbox. It is a good service but what makes it even better now is because it supports feed services (You can opt to receive alerts via the feed reader of your choice rather than your email!). Google Alerts is a powerful tool if set up with your skills matched to your niche. Google Alerts can therefore be used for both copyright violations as well as keeping track on where your articles have been syndicated.

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Facebook, Myspace and Twitter (20 Aug 2009)
Facebook and Twitter are not to be denied. I'm guessing if we were to present this same poll six months from now, we'd see both of those networks ranking even higher. Facebook has the largest number of registered users among college-focused networking sites, also according to Wikipedia. Facebook, on the other hand, continues to hire some of the brightest from the college ranks each year. While MySpace has made far more money than Facebook, thanks to a marriage of old media (FOX) and new media (web 2.0), they let the old minds spread a virus through MySpace.

MySpace (20 Aug 2009)
MySpace is the closest humanity has ever come to a central community or a central consciousness. MySpace'ers are the largest and most distributed network of human nodes ever created and sustained for more than a few days (tests on human networks of up to 10M people have been tried, but they ultimately fall apart, often faster than they can be created). Myspace is simply a waste of time for anyone who comes across it - internet trash for lowest forms of human trash. The site barely works and is managed in a very unprofessional manner. MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends' friends. Create a community on MySpace and you can share photos, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends!

Are you on Faceook? (20 Aug 2009)
Facebook's updates feature, on the other hand, doesn't offer the same dynamic. Instead, it's more just a way for you to say what you're up to, that others might see as they look at their news feed (which, incidentally, seems to be broken today ), or as they look at your Facebook profile. Facebook has not yet secured new debt financing from Bank of America or any other lender, according to the sources. It is continuing to try to line up credit lines for leases and is considering other forms of debt. Faced with competition from this open web, AOL lost .running a closed service with custom content and interfaces was no match for the wild frontier of the web. Maybe if they'd done some things differently, they would have fared better, but they still would have lost.

Facebook (20 Aug 2009)
Facebook is a rebranding machine. The ability to provide such advanced technologies in a simple manner is truly remarkable. Facebook isn't felt like the SNS for older people, but reather "the standard": the fact is that in italy FB is 2nd place in the ranking of most accessed sites, while MySpace just 25th! Facebook is a social networking site while Twitter is more of a micro-blogging site. I use both for separate reasons.

Is Social media killing other mediums? (20 Aug 2009)
Social media isn't killing traditional media. Traditional media has been killing itself for 30 years. Social media is expensive. In fact, it's more expensive than traditional media. Social media is another venue for networking and networking is conversation. And, conversation is the biggest component missing from today's business environment.

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Social media (20 Aug 2009)
Social media describes websites that allow users to share content, media, etc. Common examples are the popular social networking sites like Friendster, Facebook, MySpace , etc. Social media supports the human need for social interaction with technology, transforming broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers. Social media is the collection of tools that allow people to communicate amongst themselves. While the web and Internet are clearly part of the mix and faciliate the spread of a message, they are by no means the only tools (cell phones and SMS).

About Instant Article Wizard Pro (19 Aug 2009)
Instant Article Wizard Pro is an article research tool that can assist you in your article marketing. It collects information from the web based on the keywords you enter and compiles the information so you can quickly write an article on the keywords.

Instant Article Wizard Pro (19 Aug 2009)
Instant Article Wizard Pro will help you write those articles faster than you ever dreamed possible. Instant Article Wizard Pro helps you create quality content easily even with little knowledge on the subject you are writing on. It takes a set of keywords that you provide and help you research on your topics to create a top-quality article. Instant Article Wizard Pro is a Web Application which gathers its data from a database of private label and public articles. You log in and type in any term you want to write an article about.

Simple working online (19 Aug 2009)
Google gets paid by adwords advertisers and shares a portion with you. No one knows the exact ratio used by Google but conventional wisdom estimates your share at about 50%. Google's advertising business has two main strands. Its Adwords service is aimed at companies who want their advertisements to appear on participating web sites. Google doesn't like duplicated content. What that means is that even if you have an article on hundreds or thousands of other websites, Google can find the identical articles and only give you credit for the back links on one, or maybe a few of the articles.

The role of Search engines in the WWW (19 Aug 2009)
Search engines are programs specially designed to find information on the web and are helpful when conducting a search for a job site. Search engines are -- well -- "engines" or "robots" that crawl the Web looking for new webpages. These robots read the webpages and put the text (or parts of the text) into a large database or index that you may access. Search engines aren't yet very customizable. The Google I'd like to see would offer all manner of dials and switches so that I could test out different versions of the algorithm.

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Search engines insight (19 Aug 2009)
Search engines are all about keywords. The web surfer type in their search in the form of keywords and the search engines show results analyzing the relevance of those keywords in the web world. Search engines are "free" to the user. They profit by selling advertising that appears when a visitor uses a specific keyword or series of key phrases. Search Engines are specialists in what they do and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires a specialist that knows the "in's and out's" of search engines in order to get your site top rankings. It is no longer ok to develop a few keywords and submit your site with an automatic submission service or software.

How do Search engines work? (19 Aug 2009)
Search engines use "spiders" which search (or spider) the web for information. They are software programs which request pages much like regular browsers do. Search engines mainly build their business on other websites' content. The traditional analysis has been that search engines amply return the favor by directing traffic to these sites. Search engines use regularly updated indexes to operate quickly and efficiently. Without further qualification, search engine usually refers to a Web search engine, which searches for information on the public Web.

About SEO Elite (19 Aug 2009)
SEO Elite is easy to install and use. The only intervention that is required of the user is to make sure that his system meets the minimum requirements. SEO Elite is available at a special offer price of $ 47, and there's even an eight week guarantee in place if you aren't ecstatic. That's what got us to purchase the item, and the results are just astounding! SEO Elite is without a doubt the most popular SEO tool on the market today. However, the products with the most hype behind them often don't deliver.

SEO Elite (19 Aug 2009)
SEO Elite is once such popular and widely used SEO package available. SEO Elite 3.2 stands out ahead of other link analysis software because it is a combination of the them. Arelis is a links exchange building and management tool, and Optilink is a comparison tool for spying on other's linking strategy, SEO Elite does both. SEO Elite makes it fast and easy to find authority websites, ie websites with high PR and considered by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN as top websites in their niche. This neat SEO tool also has a built-in interface to allow you to email these webmasters directly all at the same time to trade links.

What is Spyware? (16 Aug 2009)
Spywares are like viruses, though they are treated in a separate category. In the first decade of inception of computers and Internet, cyber crimes, through viruses, were mostly a nuisance to users. Spywares are also created to steal confidential information like bank account numbers, credit card numbers and passwords from your PC. As the spywares collect these data by logging the keystrokes while you enter the information at the online forms, you are not even safe when you are making the transactions through secured servers. Spywares are also sometimes bundled along with some commercial software, as a means to track the usage of the software and collect data regarding the user.

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