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Computers and Technology

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Tips about online scammers and how to avoid them. (04 Aug 2009)
Free dating websites are also targeted by online scammers. The thing is that members of dating websites are usually unscreened. These online scammers are extremely difficult to trace. However, most auction sites have a strict rule and once a scammer is identified, they can no longer use the site. The federal government has begun successfully prosecuting online scammers under the federal Can Spam Act, but they can't continue their work without your help.

Twitter is (31 Jul 2009)
Twitter is a one-directional non-verified 'follow' where Facebook is by directional approval. This doesn't really change anything until FB modifies its relationship model. Twitter is by no means a replacement for a blog. How can you present a detailed argument or article in 140 characters? Twitter is a different story. I use it much like I traverse through the unstructured postings in Usenet groups.

Visual Basic (06 Aug 2009)
Visual Basic is not cheap, let me warn you in advance. Buying any edition just for trying it is not at all worth your money. Visual Basic is a general purpose computer language. VBScript is a version for Windows sys admin and web app client-side scripting. Visual Basic is a substantial programming language and, in a book of this size, it is only possible to give a brief introduction. However, the information given in this Made Simple book is enough to start you on some interesting projects and to show what may be achieved with practice.

Web Advertising (20 Aug 2009)
Web advertising is still hot. It's just not so hot on the AOL portal itself anymore. Web advertising is sitting uneasily between the mass market model and the direct mail model, in an arena where it doesn't have to be an either/or choice. Web advertising has swung back and forth between the two poles of traditional advertising without yet settling in on its own imperatives. Web advertising is most effective when it is backed up by accurate online market and demographics research. This is because the better a business understands its online market's internet usage behaviour, the more they can target particular sites.

Web cameras (07 Aug 2009)
Web cameras are the most common and cheapest way to live stream video. Popular web cam sites provide such a marvelous opportunity to many people of the world, even with no broadband Internet connection available. Web cameras are designed for computers that use digital video feeds. Small digital video cameras are in-built in some of the laptops and cell phones as well. Web cameras are also a vital tool in the classroom, where they are a vital component of distance learning.

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Web hosting (08 Aug 2009)
Hosting is a service whereby one computer configured as an Internet server offers a part of, or its whole resources, for use in exchange for a certain rental fee. Thanks to this service, one or more users can use information, services or content located on this server using another computer called client. Hosting is usually paid on a recurring (monthly) basis. Hosting is a word which is used in literature for welcoming and serving guests so if you consider this word in terms of the Internet then it makes it very easy to understand what web hosting is! The use of a web hosting service allows a webmaster to have their site online and gives them the tools they need to run the site.

Website design (08 Aug 2009)
Website design is not just about having a website for the sake of having a website. It's an extension of your business. Website design is like any other professional service you get what you pay for. If you try and "do it yourself" (e.g., doing it for "free"), your results may very well reflect your abilities. Website design is important for several reasons. Your website is the first thing that creates an impression to your potential customers online.

What are Search engines? (08 Aug 2009)
Search engines are great for exploring yet lead potential customers through a maze of options or to your competition. An easy-to-remember domain name is the most effective way to lead visitors to your website . Search engines are better at finding relevant content than the destination sites themselves. For example, if you were searching for a specific story on CNN or a specific topic on Wikipedia, would you go to that site and enter the search term on their internal search engine? Search engines are built with an objective to report to the searcher, those websites, which appear to be having more relevance with the information sought by the searcher. Hence, a search engine facilitates searching of relevant information on the web.

What is AJAX? (06 Aug 2009)
AJAX was primary designed and developed with the intent of providing a fast and responsive user interface. According to Enrich Peterson, "AJAX-enabled pages provide a slick, responsive user experience, making web-based applications function more like desktop-based ones". Ajax revolutionized how users interact with web pages. Gone are frustrating page refreshes, lost scroll positions, intermittent interactions, and flat, boring pages.

What is ASP.NET? (06 Aug 2009)
ASP.NET is a framework for creating dynamic websites. It is not a framework for doing data access, business logic or any other thing besides building websites. ASP.NET is a truly Object oriented language, with sophisticated object oriented features supported. Object oriented programmers can easily get used to this new environment. ASP.NET is one of my favorite subjects. Its performance is good but only on a single server environment as we try to scale out; it will not work smoothly.

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What is CSS? (06 Aug 2009)
CSS has been invented and developed for the Internet. It is not an adapted tool from print or programming, but a means of enhancing HTML. CSS-design is not easy. We need to find workaround across browser inconsistencies, not that easy CSS-concepts and quite counterintuitive CSS-solutions. CSS-2 and beyond are gradually becoming supported properly, particularly in the more sophisticated browsers like Firefox , Mozilla , Opera and Safari . Support is finally good enough in the leading browsers in use at the moment.

What is Javascript? (06 Aug 2009)
JavaScript allows your web page to 'think'. Although many server-side scripting programs (such as PHP, JPS, ASP, or ColdFusion) have the ability to perform such functions, JavaScript can perform these functions within the client web browser. Javascript and Cookies must be enabled so we can message you correctly. Please enable javascript and cookies in your browser for the duration of your Java Installation and verification. JavaScript has a huge number of methods and functions available. The cheat sheet lists these in various sections.

What is micro-blogging? (09 Aug 2009)
Micro-blogging is another great service that always-on internet connections such as ADSL and 3g/HSDPA have enabled in the last couple of years. There are two questions here. Micro-blogging is a different way of communicating that complements email and Instant Messaging (IM). The core concept behind micro-blogging is short, frequent status messages that can be seen by people who want to know what you're up to. Micro-blogging information can provide an excellent marketing tool for your company. For example, if your company is having a sale on a certain product or service that may appeal to micro-bloggers, you can submit the details via the micro-blogging website to announce it.

What is PHP? (06 Aug 2009)
PHP Development is today's fastest-growing technology for dynamic Web pages. PHP is a robust, server-side language that can offer a great deal of functionality, and it can serve pages quickly. PHP's type checking is very loose, potentially causing problems. Another drawback is that variables in PHP are not really considered to have a type. PHP's IDEs are jokes with no punchlines; they really, really suck. The second reason I asp.net is that the Windows technology stack is cohesive and well documented (Ubuntu is a great tack for the Linux community).

What is Spyware? (16 Aug 2009)
Spywares are like viruses, though they are treated in a separate category. In the first decade of inception of computers and Internet, cyber crimes, through viruses, were mostly a nuisance to users. Spywares are also created to steal confidential information like bank account numbers, credit card numbers and passwords from your PC. As the spywares collect these data by logging the keystrokes while you enter the information at the online forms, you are not even safe when you are making the transactions through secured servers. Spywares are also sometimes bundled along with some commercial software, as a means to track the usage of the software and collect data regarding the user.

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When you should or should not use Free web hosting (22 Aug 2009)
Free web hosting is certainly not for established webmasters and internet marketers. People who know how to milk the money out of the net, can afford a decent web hosting service without burning too big a hole in their otherwise inflated pockets. Free web hosting is not a total rejection. It is good for immature, non-professional and websites with less bandwidth requirements. Free web hosting is an attempt of commercial structures to increase web traffic and the consequent exposure of end users to advertising. Advertisers pay for their advertisements to be seen per view or per click.

Why Netbooks are primarily popular. (24 Aug 2009)
Netbooks are bound to make dockable laptops much more appealing to home users than they have been until now. Netbooks are lightweight, ultra-portable computing devices priced under $400; they don't have full graphics functionality or the horsepower of a laptop, but are optimized for Internet access and core computing functions. They are positioned to appeal to road warriors and tech-savvy consumers alike, considering they're connected devices optimized to quench a growing thirst for anytime access to cloud-based applications via high-speed mobile networks. Netbooks are like like a regular laptop except they are smaller. Kind of like the iPhone or one of the 20 Android phones coming out.

Windows (13 Aug 2009)
Windows 7 today runs great on the broadest array of hardware types ranging from netbooks to high-end gaming machines. We worked closely with OEMs so that their PCs delight customers with the new features in Windows 7. Windows dominates the personal computer world, running , by some estimates, on 90% of all personal computers. The remaining 10% are mostly Macintosh computers . Windows is famous as a graphical user interface and many computer users tend to forget (or never knew) that there are also very useful command line functions in Windows. In fact, there is a great deal more to Windows than just point and click.

Yahoo (20 Aug 2009)
Yahoo is a lot more than search. I've always really liked their Finance and Sports pages. Yahoo is opening a research center with a bunch of software engineers who used to work at Motorola. Why is no one else talking about this? Yahoo is just as guilty of the issue of tying people to certain technology. This was especially silly when NARAS gave all of the Grammy voters access to nominated songs through Yahoo Music.

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What is Javascript?
JavaScript allows your web page to 'think'. Although many server-side scripting programs (such as PH...

The role of Search engines in the WWW
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