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Computers and Technology

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MySQL is the world's most popular open source database software. (06 Aug 2009)
MySQL is still carrying four distinct database architectures and it proves very challenging to fully implement replication, parallel processing, journaling and recovery across different databases. MySQL is popular for web applications and acts as the database component of the LAMP and WAMP platforms (Linux/Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Perl/Python). Its popularity as a web application is closely tied to the popularity of PHP, which is often combined with MySQL and nicknamed the Dynamic Duo. MySQL is a two part, client server type of application. There is a database server that clients talk to via a TCP socket.

Netbooks (24 Aug 2009)
Netbooks are selling because people use them like PCs. Without Windows, most people will find smartphones just adequate. Netbooks are small and lighter than most normal laptops and generally have lower storage capabilities. Netbooks are becoming increasingly popular and are set to see a large increase in sales. Netbooks have their place - as the market has already stated, quite clearly. Asus is making a sufficient profit to warrant releasing additional models within that space.

Online scammers and the victims (01 Aug 2009)
Scam artists download photos of good-looking boys or girls to make online mates get infatuated with them. Scam e-mails tend to include certain problems that become really apparent if you take the time to scrutinize the message carefully. Scammers know this fact and they will offer you a great income for only small investment from your side. Here is the hook.

Online video streaming (07 Aug 2009)
Online video streaming reflects professionalism and it is more versatile than other form of online presentations. It is the technique to transmit video data over Internet for real-time viewing. Online video services, such as Youtube, have become very popular in the recent years, mostly thanks to user generated content as well as because of music videos. However, recently major Hollywood studios started to offer watching their movies via the Internet as well. Online video is used for a range of purposes including e-commerce, community video sharing, news streaming and in many other specialized video markets.

Photoshop (25 Aug 2009)
Photoshop always uses the most exposed image to represent a given tone—thereby collecting more light in the shadow detail (but without overexposing). Photoshop CS2 makes handling raw images more flexible and productive. With the new Camera Raw workflow, you can select and batch process many raw image files at once while continuing to work on other images, and then export them to the format of your choice, including the new Digital Negative specification (DNG). Photoshop is a graphics editing program for enhancing photographs and producing stunning effects. Similar to playing poker , where superb knowledge of the basics is necessary to win, using Photoshop requires mastery of its fundamentals to be effective.

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PHP Programming (06 Aug 2009)
PHP programming is fast, stable & production-ready language. The accessors method in PHP allows you to have full control upon the writing and reading attributes. PHP Programming is best for Web application development and can easily be embedded into HTML. Its syntax draws upon C, Java, and Perl programming, and is easy to learn. PHP programming is not about only CRUD operations so try to do more with the knowledge you have and trust me it will expand the horizon and the depth of your knowledge in PHP. Last but not least, keep yourself updated with latest things happening on web, php and other technologies.

Powers of Adobe Photoshop (25 Aug 2009)
Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard tool for working with digital imagery, and its creative potential is used by amateurs and professionals alike. This course has been designed for those familiar with Photoshop's basics and explores in depth some of the more powerful design capabilities hidden beneath its complex interface. Adobe Photoshop is as of current the most potent photo editing and website design application software available for use. Photoshop supplies exciting features for both photographers and web designers and aid the enhancement of project productivity and quality in graphic design. Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard application for professional image manipulation. This two-day introductory class will get you up-to-speed quickly.

Search engine submission is important (22 Aug 2009)
Search engine submission is important, but it is essential that your pages have been optimized . Proper search engine optimization techniques make a huge difference in your rankings. Search engine submission is the most advanced web promotion software in the world. Search engine submission uses straightforward, honest and dependable techniques to help your website achieve better search engine rankings. Search engine submission is a very basic step towards your search engine marketing. The natural search engine listings are the results shown from the search engine's own algorithm.

Search engines (08 Aug 2009)
Search engines are essentially massive databases that cover wide swaths of the Internet. Most consist of three parts: at least one program, called a spider, crawler, or bot, which "crawls" through the Internet gathering information; a database, which stores the gathered information; and a search tool, with which users search through the database by typing in keywords describing the information desired (usually at a Web site dedicated to the search engine). Search engines' back-and-forth interaction style is clumsier on mobile devices. Conversely, mobile provides added value for services that know their users and understand sufficient context to give them exactly what they need, when they need it — perhaps without their having to ask. Search engines are programs that are designed to search for information on the World Wide Web (WWW). Included in this list of information would be web pages, information, images, directories, audio and video files, and other types of files.

Search engines at a glance. (08 Aug 2009)
Internet search engines are a place online where you can go to find out what else is online. When you need to know something or want to look something up, the best way to do it online is by going to an Internet search engine. Internet search engines are giant databases of words, compiled and maintained around the clock by small computer programs called spiders , bots , or robots . These programs seek out and randomly crawl web pages, indexing their contents as they go.

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Search engines insight (19 Aug 2009)
Search engines are all about keywords. The web surfer type in their search in the form of keywords and the search engines show results analyzing the relevance of those keywords in the web world. Search engines are "free" to the user. They profit by selling advertising that appears when a visitor uses a specific keyword or series of key phrases. Search Engines are specialists in what they do and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires a specialist that knows the "in's and out's" of search engines in order to get your site top rankings. It is no longer ok to develop a few keywords and submit your site with an automatic submission service or software.

SEO Elite (19 Aug 2009)
SEO Elite is once such popular and widely used SEO package available. SEO Elite 3.2 stands out ahead of other link analysis software because it is a combination of the them. Arelis is a links exchange building and management tool, and Optilink is a comparison tool for spying on other's linking strategy, SEO Elite does both. SEO Elite makes it fast and easy to find authority websites, ie websites with high PR and considered by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN as top websites in their niche. This neat SEO tool also has a built-in interface to allow you to email these webmasters directly all at the same time to trade links.

Simple working online (19 Aug 2009)
Google gets paid by adwords advertisers and shares a portion with you. No one knows the exact ratio used by Google but conventional wisdom estimates your share at about 50%. Google's advertising business has two main strands. Its Adwords service is aimed at companies who want their advertisements to appear on participating web sites. Google doesn't like duplicated content. What that means is that even if you have an article on hundreds or thousands of other websites, Google can find the identical articles and only give you credit for the back links on one, or maybe a few of the articles.

Social media (20 Aug 2009)
Social media describes websites that allow users to share content, media, etc. Common examples are the popular social networking sites like Friendster, Facebook, MySpace , etc. Social media supports the human need for social interaction with technology, transforming broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers. Social media is the collection of tools that allow people to communicate amongst themselves. While the web and Internet are clearly part of the mix and faciliate the spread of a message, they are by no means the only tools (cell phones and SMS).

Social networks (09 Aug 2009)
Social networks were first researched in the late 1940s. With the advent of the Internet, online communities and social networking websites, their significance has only increased. Social networks are an extremely popular destination right now. Two-thirds of active internet users have managed an online profile and 71.1% have visited a friend's social network page. Social networks challenge common perceptions of personal space versus public space (or work space versus home space). Users often find themselves having to create a single profile that will connect their friends, family, and colleagues.

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Spywares (16 Aug 2009)
Spywares are created and spread to collect information about the internet browsing habits of the user of the infected computer. The record of the website visited by user is stored by the spyware and sent to the author of the spyware. Spywares not only just damage your PC, but can also steal sensitive information. One need an anti spyware for effective spyware removal. Spywares are type of malware, very dangerous for your financial or personal data.

Staying safe online (01 Aug 2009)
Kids are in the spotlight because they're spending more and more time online--at home, in schools and at the homes of friends. According to CIC, high school kids spend as much as 5.1 hours a day online when they're out of school, middle school children spend 4.9 hours daily and elementary school children spend 3.8 hours a day. Kids need to know the dangers of releasing personal information and parents need to be responsible for their kids.

Sun Microsystems (21 Aug 2009)
Sun Microsystems is the global supplier of network computing solutions that power the Participation Age. Their proven portfolio of systems, software, and services is one of the most complete and innovative on the planet today. Sun Microsystems is touting its new UltraSPARC T1 processor as an industry first. While increasing speed and efficiency (it has support for up to 32 simultaneous threads, with eight threads executed per clock cycle, for anyone keeping score), the new processor also draws an average of about 70 watts, anywhere from half to a third of more traditional processors, which are typically between 150 and 200 watts. Sun Microsystems is tackling the major issue of data center energy use through the introduction of Sun Fire T1 and T2 servers. These servers draw about as much power as a light bulb and will save an estimated 251 million kWh when installed in the average data center.

The MP3 erra (01 Aug 2009)
MP3s, which can be played on all music players). You can choose to buy individual songs; you can also take advantage of Napster's ad-supported free streaming online music service. MP3 Music Downloads are more popular than ever, and the RIAA is cracking down on illegal music downloads. Don't get caught use our resources to download free music safely and legally.

The role of Search engines in the WWW (19 Aug 2009)
Search engines are programs specially designed to find information on the web and are helpful when conducting a search for a job site. Search engines are -- well -- "engines" or "robots" that crawl the Web looking for new webpages. These robots read the webpages and put the text (or parts of the text) into a large database or index that you may access. Search engines aren't yet very customizable. The Google I'd like to see would offer all manner of dials and switches so that I could test out different versions of the algorithm.

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