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Computers and Technology

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Digital photography (25 Aug 2009)
Digital photography is virtually free. Digital photography is becoming more and more popular among nature photographers. Digital photography is not new, but it is new to the average consumer. Professionals have been reaping the benefits of digital photos for several years.

Digital recorders (21 Aug 2009)
Digital recorders are not designed to offer the highest level of recording quality of everything in the room they are optimized to provide clarity for speech. Digital recorders are used as voice memo recorders and are characterized by integrated-circuit memory or flash memory. Digital recorders are their latest offerings, and maintain the same sound-quality and durability standards for which they are renowned.

Domain flipping business (21 Aug 2009)
Domain flipping is a tremendous opportunity to those people who are patient enough to wait for the best time and great selling prices. But, developing a great web site is the only known way, if you want to successfully flip a domain to its fullest possible potential. Domain flipping is an exciting and a promising technique of making your expired domain a successful money earner, as well as a stable income generator. There is a lot to learn from it and its wonderful principles. Domain flipping is a simple business. You could compare it to selling property without the associated hassles.

Facebook (20 Aug 2009)
Facebook is a rebranding machine. The ability to provide such advanced technologies in a simple manner is truly remarkable. Facebook isn't felt like the SNS for older people, but reather "the standard": the fact is that in italy FB is 2nd place in the ranking of most accessed sites, while MySpace just 25th! Facebook is a social networking site while Twitter is more of a micro-blogging site. I use both for separate reasons.

Facebook, Myspace and Twitter (20 Aug 2009)
Facebook and Twitter are not to be denied. I'm guessing if we were to present this same poll six months from now, we'd see both of those networks ranking even higher. Facebook has the largest number of registered users among college-focused networking sites, also according to Wikipedia. Facebook, on the other hand, continues to hire some of the brightest from the college ranks each year. While MySpace has made far more money than Facebook, thanks to a marriage of old media (FOX) and new media (web 2.0), they let the old minds spread a virus through MySpace.

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Fixing slow computers (31 Jul 2009)
Slow computers are very irritating and counter productive. Waiting up to five minutes for a computer to boot up, over 60 seconds to bring up a software program, or waiting 2-3 minutes to connect to the Internet is frustrating. Slow computers accept been a huge botheration for years, but not abounding humans apperceive that it's acquired by a hidden allotment of Windows, which can calmly be fixed. This allotment of your arrangement is alleged the 'registry' and is generally accepted as the "Achilles Heel" of Windows. Slow computers often have errors in their registry. One of the main functions of the registry is to connect software, hardware and computer files.

Free website builders (22 Aug 2009)
Website builders are software tools that allow anyone with any level of skills (limited or experienced) build, publish and manage websites. There are plenty of "website builders" available. Website Builder Free is not responsible for the content of any member websites.

Good website designs (08 Aug 2009)
Web users form first impressions of web pages in as little as 50 milliseconds (1/20th of a second), according to Canadian researchers. In the blink of an eye, web surfers make nearly instantaneous judgments of a web site's "visual appeal.".Through the "halo effect" first impressions can color subsequent judgments of perceived credibility, usability, and ultimately influence our purchasing decisions. Web 2.0 features and internet marketing complete the package. Web development is broken down into two areas: front-end development and back-end development. Front-end developers are a mix of a designer and a back-end developer.

Google (20 Aug 2009)
Google should invest more on improving Android's interface and on making it easier to develop great looking apps. One of the reasons why Windows Mobile isn't very popular is that Microsoft couldn't develop a compelling interface that encouraged people to use the product. Google Chrome OS will run on both x86 as well as ARM chips and we are working with multiple OEMs to bring a number of netbooks to market next year. The software architecture is simple — Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel. GoogleScout is now just labeled as "Similar pages" and find other pages similar in linkage patterns to the displayed hit. Formerly, hits from the same site would be listed indented under the first.

Google Alerts (20 Aug 2009)
Google Alerts can be utilized to keep ourselves updated about particular topics by specifying related keywords and the alerts will be sent right into your mailbox. It is a good service but what makes it even better now is because it supports feed services (You can opt to receive alerts via the feed reader of your choice rather than your email!). Google Alerts is a powerful tool if set up with your skills matched to your niche. Google Alerts can therefore be used for both copyright violations as well as keeping track on where your articles have been syndicated.

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Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. (20 Aug 2009)
Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. You can create free alerts for any number of keywords and receive an email whenever Google finds a new keyword match. Google Alerts are basically a way to get an email every time Google indexes pages that would result from a particular search query. You can have the alerts sent to you once per day, once per week, or as they are indexed. Google alerts are sent to you via email and contain links to anything that came out on the web with those keywords. So for instance, if your keyword phrase is "marketing to women", then every day you'll get links to anything that pertains to that phrase.

Google Video (06 Aug 2009)
Google Video uses an advanced form of progressive download which means that no matter your bandwidth you'll be able to watch the video (it may take a while to download enough of the clip if your connection is slow). The problem with progressive download is that if you have a 2 hour clip and want to jump 90 minutes in you have to wait until that part has downloaded. Google video outclasses you tube by miles. There is so much crap on you tube now I hate it. Google video ads can be found all over the Internet. Google actually pays web masters to run their as on their various web sites and every one earns money.

Google's dominance and its relevance (01 Aug 2009)
Google Book Search contains hundreds of millions of printed pages, and yet after just a few words, the likelihood of the sentence's replication scales down dramatically. And even before our sentence implodes into utter improbability, there's another telling phenomenon at work. Google is the most popular engine today, home to 35 percent of Web searches. It receives hundreds of millions of requests every day, and studies them so thoroughly that it puts out a regular update of user patterns. Google is the gigantic game-changer again. If you?re lucky enough you have digital assets in an area like video, recurrent content, graphics, blogs, news, and other worthy universal spider bait…great.

Graphic design (15 Aug 2009)
Graphic design is about solving problems using a given medium - it is just that many people, incuding many of it's exponents, forget about this in favour of visual wizz bang. Good graphic designers with a head for the web are therefore pretty important in the process, commenting on things outside the scope of pure prettification. Graphic design is what most people think of when 'design' is mentioned. And while it is merely part of a whole in the web, it is an important part. Graphic Design is the profession used to solve communication problems visually. Logos, posters, package designs, websites, billboards, brochures, letterheads, advertisements, interpretive exhibitions and publications are examples of the types of communication needs Graphic Designers fulfill.

Graphic designers (15 Aug 2009)
Graphic designers work in the realm of visual presentation, organizing the layout of both print and computer media. Designers create works that combine functionality and visually appeal, requiring a strong education in media design and communication. Graphic design plays a crucial role in distinguishing your products from that of your competitor's. It is also essential for your consumers to identify with your company. Graphic Design can make your marketing and/or communication goals a reality. We specialize in newer, emerging, entrepreneurial small businesses and organizations.

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Hate or love spammers (31 Jul 2009)
Spammers use pretty much the same protocols and mechanisms to send their mail as do you or I. However, the difference is that they use special tools and network resources (often hijacked or misused) to send out thousands or millions of copies of the same message in a single spam run. Spammers also guess at addresses using name generation programs, and even send thousands of messages that bounce. In order to get a single response, spammers are willing to send out a thousand email messages or ten thousand; it makes very little difference to them. Spammers know this, and they'll come back to take advantage of it. Often they'll link to a harmless looking site in their first comment (or include no link at all), but link to progressively more blatant spam in subsequent comments.

How do Search engines work? (19 Aug 2009)
Search engines use "spiders" which search (or spider) the web for information. They are software programs which request pages much like regular browsers do. Search engines mainly build their business on other websites' content. The traditional analysis has been that search engines amply return the favor by directing traffic to these sites. Search engines use regularly updated indexes to operate quickly and efficiently. Without further qualification, search engine usually refers to a Web search engine, which searches for information on the public Web.

How to keep your computer safe and fast (31 Jul 2009)
Scan for viruses, spyware, adware, and other nasties. A surprising number of people with slow computers wind up forking over their hard-earned dollars to "expert" technicians only to find out later that their problems were caused by viruses or adware that they could have removed themselves with a simple scan. Scanning helps to a great extent to locate the files that cause errors. The ActiveX control errors, DLL errors and more associated errors can easily be sorted out through registry fix .

How to make money with Website flipping (21 Aug 2009)
Website Flipping is the art of developing websites and then selling it for profit. Just like the virtual real-estate. Website action hub is a newly started website where webmasters are encouraged to sell or buy web property. The transactions can be done auction style or at fixed buy it now prices. Website Flipping refers to creating or buying a website and then fixing it up and selling it for profit. Depending on the time spent on developing, optimizing, and getting traffic to your website will determine the amount it is worth.

How to spot online scams (04 Aug 2009)
Online scams are the order of this age for con artists who employ nimble tactics on shoppers. Fortunately, I have not been a victim of this neither does anyone I know. Online scams are likely to pop up in your inbox. How can you determine what is a scam and what is authentic? Online scams are everywhere. While there are legitimate ways to make money online they are usually hidden among those "Get Rich Quick" schemes.

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