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Cisco certification

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Author: John Lee

Cisco certification plays an important role in the life of every IT person. This certification is just one way of recognition that you are good in your field of expertise. Cisco certifications have been proven to help networking professionals get a job, boost salaries, and get ahead in their careers. On a more basic level, Cisco certs help networking pros validate their knowledge on routing, switching, designing and securing everything Cisco. Cisco certification exams are stringent enough to make it pretty difficult to pass without any hands on experience. While creating your own physical lab to practice on can be expensive there are a growing number of virtual Cisco lab offerings available that may fit into your student budget.

Cisco certification training has become so popular today that you will often find many Cisco certification courses and online Cisco certification training resources being offered in your city, regardless of where you live on this planet. To become an Cisco Certified Professional, you will need to learn all the Cisco certification test objectives.

CCNA certifies a comprehensive understanding of networking fundamentals and the skills required for positions such as a Network Specialist or Associate Network Engineer. CCNA certified professionals can install, configure and operate LAN, WAN and dial access services for smaller networks and gain a good understanding of the various networking protocols. CCNP training provides more advanced network training including security, convergence, QoS, VPN and broadband technologies.

Certifications aren't for everyone. For those who see significant value in being able to validate their skills and be able to demonstrate that for their own use, for their current employer, for a perspective employer, we�re delighted to offer the program. Certifications are attained by completing exams which are available through third party testing centers worldwide. This professional exam is geared at network professionals who have been working in the networking arena for a number of years and wish to progress their career. Certification training differs from traditional academic programs in that it excludes much of the prerequisite coursework that routinely frustrates college students. You can enjoy cutting straight to the career training that is most meaningful to you.

Networking certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, Novell and other companies have sought to bring professionalism into the installation and configuration of their products. When requiring quality video output. Network Security becomes an important aspect for all Cisco engineers .

Employers can look at a potential new hire, or employee seeking a promotion, recognize the Cisco training and know that this individual has passed standardized Cisco tests. Employers worldwide are looking for highly trained networking experts who can keep up with the latest technologies in order to maximize performance while keeping networking costs down. In order to keep up with demand, Cisco Systems, a market leader in switching and routing equipment, offers a number of certification programs.

Candidates who pass a CCIE written exam must wait a minimum of six months before taking the same number exam. Thus, CCIE recertification candidates may no longer re-certify for four years by simply taking the test twice in a row. Candidates for the Cisco Certified Architect program must have about 10 years of networking experience and must have attained CCDE certification. To be considered for the certification, a candidate must also submit a resume and a summary of a project in which he was a lead network architect or part of an architecture team that built a global, large-scale network.

Practice tests help in consolidating your concepts, preparation and also as exam cram. Each test is based on respective vendors published exam objectives and designed to help attain certification. Practically speaking, what do these certifications mean to you, the prospective employee? Or to you, the prudent employer?

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