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Chest pain

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Author: Diana

Chest pain is the most common symptom of coronary heart disease (CHD). The effective assessment and management of patients with chest pain is central to any strategy to reduce the burden of coronary disease. Chest pain is a common symptom that is caused by many different conditions. Some causes require prompt medical attention, such as angina, heart attack , or tearing of the aorta. Chest pain is a very common complaint. Many patients are well aware that it is a warning of potential life-threatening disorders and seek evaluation for minimal symptoms.

Chest pain is a common reason for patients to seek emergency treatment. A considerable number of patients are diagnosed with unexplained chest pain, which means that the pain cannot be linked to biomedical factors such as heart disease, or some other illness. Chest pain is usually described as squeezing or burning, substernal in location and radiating to the back, neck, jaw or arms, making it sometimes indistinguishable from cardiac chest pain. It can be triggered by ingestion of very hot or very cold liquids. Chest pain is any discomfort between your abdomen (belly) and your neck. The discomfort may stay in your chest.

Chest pain is a common complaint for a number of ER patients. The symptom, itself, can mean the situation is critical or it could be a result of simple indigestion. Chest pain is one of the most common complaints that will bring a patient to the Emergency Department. Seeking immediate care may be lifesaving, and considerable public education has been undertaken to get patients to access medical care when chest pain strikes. Chest pain is one of the common complaints heard in medical OPDs as well as at the GP's clinic. Chest pain causes a lot of anxiety in the patient as it is many a time related to 'heart attack' or angina and people are quite aware of the serious consequences of the symptom.

Chest pain is the most common emergency department complaint in patients 50 years and older, and has a variety of potential causes. A commonly missed and difficult to diagnose cause of chest pain is coronary artery disease. Chest pain is a warning to seek medical attention . Chest pain is a relatively common symptom in children. Evaluation is mainly clinical to exclude cardiac or organic causes of chest pain.

Chest pain is a symptom that provokes considerable anxiety. Patients are understandably concerned that their pains may be cardiac and lead to a heart attack. Chest pain is one of the most commonly presented problems to the doctor. It is both a common and threatening problem because in many instances the cause is potentially serious, especially in chest pain of sudden onset. Chest pain is only a symptom, and not a medical phenomenon it's own right. So I guess the line of thinking was that while the sign's creator understood that many people call (fill in the blank medical problem) "chest pain" - and so he has to use that in order to get them to know what he's talking about - he's also using the opportunity to educate them that that's not really what they have.

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