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Breast feeding - the mother and the infant

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Author: Emily

Breast-feeding may even help you lose weight after the baby is born. Breast-feeding is natural yes, but does natural equal right, for us? What is natural about the way human beings live? Breast-feeding helps the uterus contract after delivery. It also cuts the risk for breast cancer in women who have not gone through menopause.

Breast-feeding is the healthiest, cheapest and greenest option for parents, babies and the world in which they live. Breast-feeding is one of the few recommended nutritional measures that requires little additional expenditure at family or government level, and indeed provides savings for both. Thus, its promotion should receive high priority from both national and local planners. Breast-feeding is the norm in most developed countries, and women who bottle-feed may fear questions about why they don't use their breast milk. Birthing classes, WIC, and other programs directed at pregnant women and new mothers actively promote breast-feeding.

Breast-feeding is one of the best things you can do for your baby. But a little bit of any alcohol you drink passes into your breast milk. Breast-feeding is a serious time commitment that pretty much guarantees that you will not work in any meaningful way. Let's say a baby feeds seven times a day and then a couple more times at night.

Women who breast-feed should eat well-balanced, nutritious meals. Generous portions of whole grain breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables, and dairy products with an abundance of calcium are recommended. Women that have breast cancer have had children come to term and do well. There isn't any danger of transmitting the cancer to the unborn child. Women need to sleep more, eat more, and find the time to nurse or pump. While parenting and working can be brutal, adding nursing to the list is five hours a day that women just don't have.

Women living with this condition are faced with a difficult decision once they decide to have children: to breast-feed or bottle-feed. Many of Schaefer's subjects viewed breast-feeding as part of being "perfect mom[s]" and breast-feeding as a critical time for mother and child to bond. Women are constantly bombarded by images that are considered supposedly necessary in this country. If she's not at least 36-24-36, she's less than a woman it seems.

Nurse your baby as soon after delivery as possible. The first hour of life is a unique experience for you and your newborn. Nursing mothers should be made aware of the potential dangers of fatigue and sedation in such circumstances. Breast feeding out of bed, or in the company of a second person who can ensure the safety of the infant if breast feeding is occurring in bed may prevent these unfortunate fatalities.

Breast-fed babies have significantly higher carnitine levels than their counterparts. Carnitine is necessary to make use of fatty acids as an energy source. Breast-fed babies acquire stronger immune defenses and are less susceptable to numerous diseases Male lactation could provide those benefits to babies if the mother is unavailable for any reason.

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