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Benefits of a Good sleep

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Author: James

Good sleep is an essential part of human biology. Some of the latest research even shows that regular sleep is important to metabolism, to keeping our weight in balance. Good sleep is needed as much before learning (for the sake of recall), as it is needed after learning (for the sake of consolidation) . Good sleep is a quint essence for health and happiness. Good sleep enhances the function of the immune system, and protects you from aging and many health problems including diseases.

Good sleep is created anew each night on a bed of peaceful thoughts that resist stress, worry, and anxiety. If you stuff your mattress with discontent, you are creating the wrong atmosphere. Good sleep is not pure science; it is also part art, part experiment. And it is definitely worth pursuing. Good sleep is the best life investment you can do! Invest in a good orthopaedic and comfortable mattress that can hold your spine in horizontal position and can offer optimum comfort and support for many years.

Good sleep is necessary for our body to function effectively and to avoid dangerous situations during the day. When we sleep, the organs and systems secrete hormones that restore the powers of the body. Good sleep is necessary for physical and mental health. For example, sleep loss impairs immune function, and sleep is altered during infection. Good sleep is essential for mental and physical health. A person can develop stress if he doesn?t get proper sleep.

Researches have shown that lack of sleep affect the balance of hormones in the body that affect appetite. So, a a good amount of sleep is necessary for staying slim and fit. Researchers from the University of Athens Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health evaluated napping habits and the occurrence of heart disease in almost 24,000 healthy adults over an average almost 6� years. After taking into consideration other risk factors for heart disease (like age, smoking, and obesity), people who regularly napped at least three days per week for at least 30 minutes per nap had a 37 percent decreased risk of dying from heart disease. Research has shown that energy metabolism is significantly reduced during sleep (by as much as 10 percent in humans and even more in other species). For example, both body temperature and caloric demand decrease during sleep, as compared to wakefulness.

Everyone is different; the amount of sleep a person needs as an average is age dependent. As an example babies sleep about 14-15 hours, while older people need only 7-8 hours each night. Everyone knows how important it is to get a good night's sleep but not everyone knows what a good night's sleep is. Getting enough restful sleep is very important to your health physically, mentally and spiritually.

Stress is regarded as the number one cause for sleep deprivation. Stress can be a response to specific situation. Stress can cause serious health problems aside from sleeping problems. It should be manage properly to avoid further health problems.

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