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Banner ads

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Author: Janet Donald

Banner ads allow an ad to be displayed over a period of time, boosting the odds that a people will see your ad and remember it. Banner ads are purchased in monthly increments (with a minimum of one month) at $ 900 per month. There is no exclusivity to either the industry sector or the number of ads appearing in any given month. Banner ads could be a good source of high quality traffic for your website if you manage your banner ad campaign wisely. If your main purpose of the campaign is to generate more sales by attracting traffic - which is any way should be the main goal of any e-commerce site you have to select sites to post banners where you target audience frequently visit. Banner ads are displayed amongst a large amount of other information, competing with several other factors on the page for the user?s attention. Unlike print media, where an advertisement can grab the entire page or appear as a two-page spread, banner ads get limited display area. Banner ads are largely anchoring or branding devices . Think of a jingle on a radio: when you hear the jingle, do you feel compelled to suddenly buy the product? Banner ads allow you to sell to this audience of business executives, managers, scientists and engineers utilizing www.tms.org as a resource for solutions to advance their work. Looking to reach a specific technical audience? Banner ads design and placement should work as a compliment to your overall PR marketing advertising campaign. Viewers become more engaged when they see your banner ads in a number of locations on relevant sites and the banner ads are tastefully created and non offensive in terms of intrusiveness. Banner ads, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, so-called "rich media" ads, and advertorial content have grown explosively since their introduction. Internet advertisements represent a huge leap in marketing technology. Banner ads are the only source of revenue that allows us to pay for the bandwidth and the hosting. The money from this source is currently enough to pay the bills for the site and even keep something for future expenses. Websites or blogs can use ads rotation to reduce or control the effect of ad blindness. The ad blindness is the common term that describes regular or repeat visitors to the blog or website that start to ignore the very same display advertisements on the website. Web advertising cannot be effective if the Web site can't sell. Maybe that's why so many advertisers incorrectly focus on click-throughs as a performance metric. Creating web ads with larger dimensions (like 728x90 leaderboard ads) can also lead to huge file sizes. Creative advertisements increase conversion rate for sure. Can't do this kind of advertising on AdWords unfortunately!
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