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Bacterial meningitis

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Author: Geogina Bolts

Bacterial meningitis can initially resemble a cold or flu, but it can be deadly. The disease can also be prevented. Bacteria can travel from the sinuses through the opening and infect the meninges. Bacterial meningitis is a medical emergency. Cases can arise suddenly, with symptoms worsening within hours to a couple of days.

Bacterial meningitis is the serious illness that people dread. Together, three types of bacteria account for over 90 percent of bacterial meningitis: H. Bacterial meningitis is similar in the type of symptoms it induces in the affected individual to the viral form of meningitis. Typically it can begin in two ways, it may have a sudden and inexplicable onset producing symptoms with rapidity in the affected individual or it may take a few days during which fever and respiratory symptoms gradually intensify and thus precede the symptoms of full blown meningitis. Bacterial meningitis is more common in very young children, under the age of five. In adults, it affects more men than women.

Bacterial meningitis may initially appear aseptic. Even though true aseptic meningitis cannot be caused by pyogenic bacteria , broad-spectrum antibiotic cover should be started as the consequences of misdiagnosing a bacterial meningitis are dire, and relatively easily avoided. Bacterial meningitis may result in brain damage, hearing loss, or learning disability in 10 to 20% of survivors. A less common but more severe (often fatal) form of meningococcal disease is meningococcal septicaemia which is characterized by a haemorrhagic rash and rapid circulatory collapse. Bacterial meningitis is rare, but can be deadly. It usually starts with bacteria that cause a cold-like infection.

Bacterial meningitis is a medical emergency and can be fatal if not treated quickly. Intravenous antibiotics are usually started as soon as bacterial meningitis is suspected. Bacterial meningitis - These infections are the most dangerous variety of meningitis, and can be the result of several different types of bacteria. Bacterial meningitis occurs when bacteria migrates to the brain and spinal cord from the blood stream, or when bacteria directly attacks the meninges from an ear or sinus infection.

Bacterial meningitis, on the other hand, must be treated with antibiotics in most cases to avoid severe consequences. Unfortunately the only way to confirm that meningitis is not bacterial is to culture the spinal fluid (actually the cerebrospinal fluid, since it bathes both the spinal cord and the brain) and see if there are bacteria in it. Bacterial meningitis can be very serious and result in disability or death if not treated right away.

Bacterial meningitis is a more severe form of the infection. If it isn't treated promptly, it can cause brain damage and, in some circumstances, even death. Bacterial meningitis is a serious bacterial infection that affects thin membranes called the meninges. These surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Bacterial meningitis can cause brain damage, learning disabilities, hearing loss, or even death without treatment for the specific type of bacteria.

Bacterial meningitis can be fatal if not treated promptly. Some children who survive the infection are left with permanent neurological impairments, such as hearing loss or learning disabilities. Bacterial meningitis can be treated with antibiotics if it is diagnosed early.

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