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Ajax is

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Author: Major

ajax is

Ajax is even on mobile devices now. This is enormously disruptive to the gigantic operating system industry which generally depends on being the most compelling platform for their target audience. Ajax is an architecture which makes the browser smarter and more interactive by running Javascript programs on the client. Don't tell anyone, but the old name for putting logic on the client was fat client programming. Ajax is possible because of the leading browsers now offering objects that can make independent XML HTTP requests. Internet Explorer 5 and later offer an XMLHTTP object while Mozilla based browsers provide an XMLHttpRequest object.

Ajax is at the very beginning of that road. Anyone deciding for an Ajax library today will have to write numerous UI components her-/himself, and will have to live with a rapid evolution of the library. Ajax is at the top of the list of technologies developers will begin using in the next 18 months, according to a survey by Ziff Davis Enterprises. Google is making a huge investment in developing the Ajax approach. Ajax is commonly used in with DHTML to update portions of a page. This is because most screen readers have no way of knowing that a portion of a page changes through after the body.onload() event and thus the user has no way of knowing that information has changed.

Ajax is fantastic but get the basics in place first and then make small incremental updates based on site behaviour. Ajax is handy because it avoids needless browser behavior such as page reloads, but it can also be dangerous because it avoids useful browser behavior like error handling. Gone are the "Server not found" error messages and that familiar escape hatch, the Back button. AJAX is an exciting new technology that is extending the Web and allowing the creation of rich Internet applications. Incremental updates to a page can improve performance and provide for more complex user interfaces and interactions via the Web.

Ajax is a cross-platform set of technologies that allows developers to create web pages that behave more interactively, like applications. This allows sectional page updates in response to user input, reducing server transfers (and resultant wait times) to a minimum. AJAX is probably the biggest thing you can add to your site; with AJAX, you can dramatically increase functionality, and give your end users more usable web applications. But AJAX is tricky to get started with - it usually requires very complex JavaScript knowledge. AJAX is playing a leading role in making Web applications usable. It allows pages to request small bits of information from the server instead of whole pages.

AJAX is so intuitive and interactive that it draws visitors in and helps them access information so effortlessly, but it was always frightening that you would miss out on SEO elements with the content missing in the code. Bravo on giving some real actionable techniques to continue to develop spider friendly pages on a user friendly platform. AJAX is a handy tool that can be used to significantly enhance the user experience. A hammer never hurts anyone until some idiot swings it in the wrong direction. AJAX is a programming language that has gained high popularity within a short span of time. AJAX became really popular in the 2005 by Google.

Ajax is a great way to deliver user interfaces in web browsers for enterprise applications (and any other browser-based application). This distinction is very clear, and yet many people are confused (myself included, until late last week). AJAX is _very_ important in it's own right. Like, really really important. AJAX is spreading quickly throughout the web, with examples visible at many major sites. Google Maps, for example, in many ways epitomizes the ethos of the AJAX model, with its complex functionality and virtually seamless interactivity.

AJAX is a tricky subject, and Jeremy does a great job of tackling each subject in great detail. This book would go well with a Javascript book to help you bulletproof your applications. AJAX is irrelevant in this scenario. What matters is finding and fixing XSS vulnerabilities in websites. Ajax is here to stay. Native stuff - aka HTML/CSS/JavaScript - *feels* better than a plugin, not all users have all the plugins and plugins come with a support and adoption cost (despite the 98% claims for some things).

AJAX is not a product or library but a way to let your web site talk to the web server time and again while you don't seem to click on a link or submit a form. AJAX is an idea that has been implemented by several people. Ajax is not a specific programming language or technology. Ajax brings dynamic data interactivity to Web pages.

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