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About VB.NET

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Author: Jane Mark

VB.NET is ultimately derived from Visual Basic 6.0 even if it is radically different. VB.NET is a first class language with all of the object-oriented elements that support mega-enterprise software development. Why then do some outspoken VB programmers feel like they are treated like second class citizens? VB.NET is a powerful programming .NET programming language that is often considered the workhorse of programming and database programming in VB.NET accounts for a huge amount of the total programming effort taking place today. To understand VB.NET, and VB.NET database programming, is to be able to meet the every-day challenges faced in most programming projects today.

VB.NET is a very wordy language. First you have to tell it what you are going to do and then you have to write code that does what you told it you were going to do. VB.NET is not meant to replace VB, they are completely two different technology. If you want to compare Java 5, then let's compare VB.NET 2 vs VB.NET, they are completely compatible. VB.NET is a totally new programming language. It just retains the syntax of old VB.

VB.NET is more powerful than VB6, all the limitations of VB6 have been addressed and you have a lot more control and power over applications you create. There are only a few features that set C# and VB.NET appart one is being able to control memory manger (Don't know anyone at the moment who has really used it). VB.NET is a language used to develop .NET applications with the traditional VB style. ASP.NET applications are web applications that you make using any of the CLR supported language in .NET, which is around 26. VB.net is not vb. But if one would still like to use some of the great features from vb you could always inherit the Microsoft.VisualBasic class and use all the great things that vb had to offer.

VB.NET is generally acknowledged to be one of the languages of choice for ASP.NET development.

VB6 emulation in the .NET environment will keep all the patterns and constructions used in the source language, resulting in a poorly translated application which depends completely on this "support" library. VB6's abilities with internet related tasks is limited. VB6 was a great language when driven properly. VB6 was great in its day which has passed so those out there get over it.

Visual Basic .NET gives you more power from a design standpoint and from a run-time standpoint. You can fully implement your object-oriented designs. Visual Basic is rooted in the programming language called BASIC. Visual Basic.NET can create any type of .NET application just like any other .NET language.

Programming Visual Basic applications with Isolator shortens your projects software development time and reduces the software development costs. Isolator help you increase your .Net code coverage when using visual studio . Programming VB .NET covers the fundamentals of every technique that a professional VB .NET developer will need to master, including multithreading, a topic too often overlooked. This would take a substantially larger book.) Programming VB .NET is about the techniques readers need to master, not the applications themselves. Programming languages have become complete environments were you can assume that tons of libraries are naturally going to be available. And separating out a language's "fundamental operators" and it's "all the rest" just doesn't work.

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