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About tattoos and removal

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Author: John Lee

Tattoos are just a permanent representations of who I am. I change, and then the tattoos are a reminder of HOW I change. Tattoos are available as unique and original tattoos that are drawn by the tattoo artists and the tattoo flashes that are cheap and very popular amongst first time tattoo enthusiasts . Tattoos are a beautiful display of art, meaning and message. The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian "tatu" which means "to mark something" and it is believe that the first known tattoo dates back 4,000 years B.C.

Tattoos are painful, and in some cases memorials or reminders of pain in your life, sometimes they are for the hell of it. Who gives a toss if in 10 years I sag, my tattoos will sag with me. Tattoos are also placed on animals, though very rarely for decorative reasons. Pets, show animals, thoroughbred horses and livestock are sometimes tattooed with identification marks, and certain of their body parts (for example, noses) have also been tattooed to prevent sunburn. Tattoos are used among criminals to show gang membership and record the wearer's personal history?such as his or her skills, specialties, accomplishments and convictions . They are also used as a means of personal expression.

Tattoos are worn as sacred symbols, as talismans or to ward off evil, for religious reasons or to show spiritual devotion.

Artists have always drawn outside the lines in their work and their lives, decorating themselves as an extended form of creative expression. Over the years, the age-old art of tattooing has gained new currency, growing increasingly popular as an individual--and indelible--declaration of self. Artistic tattoos originated in that country as cover-ups for the marks of criminals. These newly designed cover-ups were co-opted as fashion by European tourists in the 1800s and as superstitious protection by British sailors, who tattooed themselves with eyes on their chests to keep watch.

Removing tattoos and permanent makeup can be very difficult. Skill levels vary widely among people who perform tattooing. Removable temporary tattoos are fun decals for the body that children enjoy. Great for parties, party favors, goody bags, play dates, rewards, fairs, fundraisers and more. Removal is time-consuming, costly, and doesn't always work. The most common method of tattoo removal is by laser treatment, which delivers short flashes of light at very high intensities to the skin to break down the tattoo ink.

Risks associated with removing tattoos include hypopigmentation (loss of skin color) as well as hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) at the tattoo site. Scarring is also a remote possibility if appropriate lasers are not used. Risks of laser removal of tattoos are similar to those associated with small wounds. The treatment itself can be uncomfortable or even painful as it creates small breaks in the skin.

Tattooing has been around for nearly as long as humans have been around. An early example was found on a frozen body 9000 years old! Tattoos acts as symbols of public identity, social self-awareness and collective memory. They shape stereotypes of group behaviour and set out the rules and rituals necessary for maintaining order in the world of thieves.

Ask your dermatologist about laser surgery or other options for tattoo removal. Ask the vendor to see the ingredient label for the ink or paste. If there is no label, do not get a tattoo.

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