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About Micro-blogging

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Author: Jim Chapman

Micro-blogging is

Micro-blogging is a great way to keep people up to date on what you are doing or just share neat stuff you find without the weight of a full blown blog. Great for those quick mini-rants, announcements and questions you want to share with the world, or even a select few. Micro-blogging is another one of those advances. Crusty old-world style people that still believe in writing letters instead of using email are going to try their hardest to justify their actions, as archaic as they are, and try to retain every fraction of reality they can understand for as long as they can, and call "new things" that people like… "stupid", annoying, frustrating, rude, confusing, complicated and useless. Micro-blogging is only one kind of social media tool with the potential to support learning. Those that offer collaborative filesharing, mindmapping, writing, and editing capabilities can support more complex collaborative learning than Twitter.

Micro-blogging is one recent form of short online messages that is particularly well-suited to letting other people have permanent access to the details of one's daily life. Experts expect that this type of exchange will soon become an integral component of digital communication. Micro-blogging is the idea of posting blogs of 140 characters or less. Micro-blogging is increasing in popularity , becoming the newest way to network and increase traffic. Twitter, the most popular social network for mini-blogs, allows users to "tweet" 140 characters (the size of the first sentence of this article) or less.

Micro-blogging is fun and useful but our question is ? Of course not, like any other good idea, there are Twitter alternatives . Micro-blogging is changing the nature of online communication on- and off-campus. Micro-blogging refers to a form of blogging that allows online subscribers to broadcast brief messages to other subscribers of a micro-blogging service. Micro-blogging is another tool that may potentially enhance collaboration among colleagues. Externally, micro-blogging can enhance brands and create viral adoption of products and services.

Micro-blogging is not a new concept. In fact, it's been around for years. Micro-blogging is an emerging, Internet-based communication medium that may provide the common thread to tie these disparate sources of project information together. It will achieve this through enabling the issues and outcomes discussed during architectural conversations to be quickly recorded by any member of the project team. Micro-blogging is most powerful when it is personal and engaging. News releases and marketing copy don?t cut it.

Blogging is still one of the best strategies to earn income online.If you wish to earn money blogging this year, the following ele . Blogs are behind 'microblogs.' As more people microblog, blogs themselves will become either aggregates of micro-blog thoughts (Tweet digests) or a collection of focused micro-blog thoughts further expanded on. Bloggers are united around the world by a common attribute. And that is to create content for the web via their respective blogs.

Blogging has received a lot of buzz in recent years but more recently you've probably been hearing about twitter, friendfeed and other micro-blogging platforms. The big difference between traditional blogging and micro-blogging is the character limit, for example twitter l imits you to 140 characters . Blogging is a way for me to share my thoughts and feelings, and just being my thoughts alone is enough of a reason for me to post about it (and I once again remember a passage from Rilke?s book).

Micro blogs are one of the best ways to promote your website, with viral marketing being the backbone of social media marketing . Microblogging is just what it sounds - it's regularly publishing small pieces of content on the web. The best example of microblogging is Twitter (from the same guys that brought you old school pre-Google-acquisition Blogger and Odeo ). Micro blogging is becoming popular and there are lots of networks for this, Twitter being the popular one followed by Friendfeed, Tumblr, Pownce, Jaiku etc. Sometimes its difficult to manage all these networks, but not any more.

Micro-blogging services such as Twitter , Pownce , Plurk , Tumblelog put you in contact with thousands of users, many of whom specialize in a certain field. By leveraging the people you follow, you can generate leads to clients, contacts, partners, affiliates, and more. Microblogging services which seek to add to the minimalism of raw microblogging include Spoink, Plurk and Rakawa. Spoink released a multimedia micro-blogging service that integrates blogging , podcasting , telephony and SMS texting and supports all major mobile audio, video and picture formats. Micro blogging is sharing frequent and brief information in web through specified platform. Generally micro blogging services allow its users to send and read other users' updates through text-based posts.

Micro blogging fosters connection with less work all while working well with mobile devices. Blogging remains important, however, as the traditional press rapidly embraced blogging , it has encouraged individual publishers to find new ways to spread their influence.

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